A & H 2016 Limited - Property Inspections Otago.

Terms and Agreement


Residential Property Inspection:

The areas detailed in this report are based on a visual inspection of the services and components of the home focussing on significant defects visible on the day of the inspection, outlining maintenance requirements and assessing the general condition of the property and fixed items within. This inspection is not a leaky building report, it is a non-invasive visual inspection only. This report is deemed valid for a period of 3 months from the day of inspection.


A&H 2016 Limited (T/A Property Inspections Otago) cannot be held accountable for any damage caused by severe weather conditions or acts of god after the inspection date. Rain after a prolonged period of dry weather can cause moisture ingress problems previously not available for detection by the inspector.

A&H 2016 Limited (T/A Property Inspections Otago) will comment on the weather conditions on the day of the inspection and warn of this possible scenario within the report.


This Residential Property Inspection shall be performed in accordance with NZ Standard 4306:2005 Residential Property Inspection.

The report will cover:


-Site                            -Kitchen                      -Internal ceiling space             -Subfloor space

-Outbuildings              -Exterior                      -Interior                                  -Bathroom                  

-Structure                    -Moisture


If it is believed the structure has been developed without permits or consent from local authority this will be outlined within the report. Sheds and other associated out buildings will be viewed and a basic assessment conclusion given. This report shall reflect conditions as sighted on the day of the inspection. If qualified tradesmen are required to provide additional information on any aspect of defects sighted to the structure, plumbing, electrical, gas fitting/appliances, home heating, etc referrals will be made within the report. These terms and conditions shall apply to any subsequent report issued upon request by the client or the agent acting for or on behalf of the client.


Limitations to inspection:

Areas that are concealed (either fully or partly), contained or generally inaccessible, cannot be sighted due to walls, wall linings, ceilings linings, flooring, pathways, gardens, debris, insulation, vegetation or dense foliage, furniture, stored items, vehicles, or any other object which obscures good, clear viewing of the subject matter, cannot be inspected with any degree of defined accuracy or included in full within the report. The client shall assume all risk, for any condition or problems that may be concealed during the inspection process. No dismantling of any components, moving of any unreasonable items of furniture, stored possessions or vehicles shall take place. No dislodging portions of the structure, cladding, roofing or joinery shall take place during the inspection, and there will be no destructive or invasive inspections performed, unless otherwise requested and agreed upon in writing by the vendor.


Items not included within this Residential Property Inspection:

We recommend freestanding and built-in type wood burners are to be checked by an authorised, qualified installer prior to property purchase. This will eliminate potential hidden problems related to the flue or general working condition of the unit. Annual checks and servicing, post purchase will be required for insurance purposes. Specialist appliances and unique items may be commented on as being present but shall not be tested, this includes and is not limited to central heating systems, air conditioning units and related controls, internal vacuum systems, specialised electronic controls and components of any kind, swimming pools, spa pools and spa baths, interior fire protection sprinkler systems, outdoor irrigation systems, solar heating systems, well orientated water or private sewage systems, any item that is subject to a special purpose property inspection report as per NZS 4306:2005.

Commenting on or assessing the presence of lead paint, products that possibly contain asbestos, asbestos, mould, fungi, concealed or covered dry rot, plumbing pipes and electrical wiring, conduit or any component or fitting installed beyond the wall/ceiling linings. No assessment toward life expectancy of any item, systems, or outcome of possible events shall be made. The Inspector is not at liberty to discuss estimated costs of repairs. This written report is not a compliance inspection or certification for past or present codes or regulations. This inspection and report is not a warranty, guarantee or insurance policy, and shall not be used as a substitute for a final walk through inspection by the client. The inspection did not assess compliance with the NZ Building Code including the Code's weather tightness requirements or structural aspects

This report excludes consent and permit search, engineer reports, resource consent, title searches and hazard reports.


Reasonable access:

Areas where safe, unobstructed access is provided and that minimum clearance is available; or where those clearances are not available, areas within the inspector’s unobstructed line of sight.

Internal Ceiling Access: access manhole 450mm x 400mm; crawl space 600mm x 600mm; height accessible from a 3.6 m ladder.

Sub floor: access manhole 500mm x 400mm; crawl space vertical clearance timber floor 400mm (from underside of bearer) concrete floor 500mm.

Roof exterior: access from a 3.6 m ladder (Roof pitch, roofing material and weather conditions may limit or prevent access)


Disputes and Limitation on Liability:

The client agrees and understands to notify the inspector of any dispute in writing, within 5 working days of detection. The client further agrees that with the exception of emergency conditions, client, or clients agents, employees or independent contractors will make no alteration, modification, or repairs to the claimed discrepancy prior to a re-inspection by the inspector. Client understands and agrees that any failure to notify the inspector as stated above shall constitute a waiver of any and all claims for said failure to accurately report the condition in question.

Note: 1. This report and indemnity insurance coverage does not extend to any building found to be suffering from leak issues as a result of exterior weather tightness / moisture ingress concerns. Our insurers do not cover this at any level and we A&H 2016 Limited (T/A Property Inspections Otago), will take no responsibility for any leak event claim made against us above the cost of the initial report fee.

Note: 2. This report and indemnity insurance coverage does not extend to any building found to be suffering from building defect issues or mould. Our insurers do not cover this at any level and we A&H 2016 Limited (T/A Property Inspections Otago), will take no responsibility for any claim made against us above the cost of the initial report fee.

A&H 2016 Limited (T/A Property Inspections Otago) does not expect any other parties to use this report for pre purchase negotiations, unless a further copy has been individually purchased by a separate client.



Receiving payment prior to releasing the report will be required on every occasion, unless other prior arrangements have been made. If it is at any stage determined that the client has misinformed A&H 2016 Limited (T/A Property Inspections Otago) as to the size of the property and not disclosed the presence of any additional dwellings, separate accommodation (detached or attached), multiple living areas or extra bedrooms at the time of the price quotation. We reserve the right to increase the final bill to suit the properties actual size. Interest will be added at the rate of 10% per month on overdue accounts. Any costs incurred during debt collection will be added to the overall bill.


Methamphetamine Inspection and Reporting:

Upon booking an inspection using our services you agree and accept that we are not legally responsible for any loss or damage you might suffer related to your use of our services in which we have provided you access to, whether from errors or omissions in the services you receive or information or from any other use of the website. We aim to have the results from the non-invasive swab testing returned from the samples taken within 5 working days from the day the samples are taken. We accept no liability should the results of the test exceed this time frame. You accept that should the result return as a positive we hold the right to share the results with any stakeholder in the property without liability or recourse. Our swaps are tested by Hill Laboratories in Hamilton with is IANZ accredited